Sales Team

Between Don Ed, Steve, and Chuck, our sales team has nearly a century of sales experience in the onion industry alone. They have accumulated expert knowledge only attained by decades of sales.

Don Ed Holmes

Don Ed began working on an onion farm owned by his father, Chuck Holmes, when he was a small boy. By the time he reached 7th grade he had done various jobs in the field and warehouse. After attending Texas Tech University Don Ed began working for DeBruyn Produce Co. After 20 years at DeBruyn, he along with his wife Janie, founded The Onion House, L.L.C.

Don Ed is the head of our sales department as well as the president of The Onion House.



After attending the University of Texas- Pan American from 1970-1975 Chuck Hill began his 23 year tenure at Griffin and Brand. Afterwards, he founded Valley Produce Alliance Sales Agency where he focused on onion sales. Chuck brought his skills and experience in sales and shipping to The Onion House in 2009. 


Mobile: (956) 330-5559

Steve Roach attended the University of Texas and was a Navy corpsman before he started his career in agriculture. From 1975-1980 Steve worked as a seed salesman for the state of Texas. Next, he moved onto onion and cabbage sales in Texas and Mexico. In 2001, Steve started at Custom Pak, dealing entirely in onion sales. Since 2005, Steve has been a vital member of our sales team here at The Onion House.


Mobile: (956) 373-3038

Chuck Hill

Steve Roach

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